October – December 2023

We thank the Lord for His protection and provision in 2023! We were able to wrap everything up in PNG and arrived safely back into the US on December 12th. Although, saying goodbye to lifetime friends and brethren was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced, it will be wonderful to be together with my dear brethren forever in Heaven! Speaking of goodbyes, I also preached the funeral of a woman that I grew up with in my village. Janet left behind an amazing testimony of living for Christ in the midst of physical suffering. The doctors were not able to treat her, and it seemed like she was suffering from a brain tumor. It was very easy to preach her funeral since I knew where she is now! Many of her lost friends and relatives heard the gospel that day and knew she lived for the Lord. We attended another funeral a week later when we found out another Christian woman passed away. She was the woman that was influential in getting the college ministry started on campus. Since she was the deputy headmaster of the school, all classes were canceled while funeral arrangements were being made. So another child of God went on to glory and left a great testimony! Through it all, we continued to preach at the college and actually finished up the discipleship course we had started for the new converts. The last class was such a blessing! I gave each of the students the opportunity to give their testimonies so everyone could hear how the Lord worked in their lives. Some of the students even came to our last combined service at Temple Baptist Church! It was a privilege and honor to be asked to preach the combined service one more time. All four pastors were there for the unity meeting and it was exciting to see many of their church members as well. The week before we left, I was asked to preach a couple nights during a tent meeting that was being held by Pastor Philemon. He decided to hold the special meeting as part of the graduation ceremony of several Bible school students we had taught. I took the opportunity to challenge the men to stand strong for Christ as they seek to serve the Lord! Now that we have finished up in PNG, we are putting all our time and energy into getting the support needed to move to Greece. We appreciate your prayers for us as we strive to reach our goal by July this year. We will need to double the support we had in PNG to prepare for the high cost of living in Thessaloniki. Also, we would like to thank each and every one of you that gave above and beyond in December! It will be necessary to put aside many of these extra funds/gifts to prepare for setup costs when we arrive in Greece! I am calling pastors and have booked many new meetings, which this all began in PNG. If you would like to call or text me to book a meeting or just chat, my new US number is: 843-605-8692. May the Lord find us faithful in these last days!

Seeking the Lost,
The Eric Fair Family